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Thrips Pack +  (Beneficial Insect and Mites for Thrips Control)
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Thrips Pack + (Beneficial Insect and Mites for Thrips Control)

Contains Orius pirate bugs, Mite-A and Hyper-Mite predatory mites the control of thrips. PRICE: $50.00 plus GST and Freight for 500 Orius, 1 litre of Mite-A and 1 litre of Hyper-Mite
NZ $55.00
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Value pack with three biological control agents for the control of thrips.

Combines the predatory pirate bug Orius vicinus with predatory Mite-A (Neoseuilus cucumeris) and Hyper-Mite (Stratiolaelaps scimitus)Perfect for both indoor settings, and outdoors during the warmer months of the year. Not suitable for tomato crops, see the 'Products" section for additional information regarding these organisms.

Take the hassle out of pest control, employ your own army of beneficial insects to resolve your thrips problems.

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Product Information

Orius is a predatory pirate bug 2-  2.6mm in length.
Orius works best when the day length is long, such as in mid to late Spring, Summer and early Autumn.
Adults and juveniles are voracious predators, feeding on thrips of all life stages, from eggs to adults, although later stages of Orius catch and manipulate adult thrips more easily.
Orius are sold as voracious 5th instar nymphs, which will quickly develop into adults on your crop. Nymphal stages are wingless, meaning that they are unable to fly away, allowing them time to become accustomed to your crop.
Orius will also feed on other insects and mites (such as spider mites) within the crop, and can sustain itself on pollen when available. Orius eats very little at temperatures below 16⁰C.
Orius undergoes an egg stage and 5 nymphal stages before becoming an adult. Development time from egg to adult takes 16-18 days at 25⁰C, and longer at lower temperatures.
Under favourable conditions, Orius can lay up to 400 eggs over the course of 10-70 days, depending on environmental conditions and the availability of food. Eggs are laid in floral peduncles (the stem of the flower) or on leaf veins, but this may depend on the host plant.

Mite-A™ is a small, highly active predatory mite and is pale in colour. Adult females are approximately 1.25 mm long.

Mite-A™ feeds on the early larval stages of thrips, consuming 1-3 thrips per day depending on temperature and humidity. This reduces the number of thrips in the crop slowly, and so an immediate reduction in adult numbers may not be apparent.

Mite-A™ also feeds on other mites, such as mould mites, and on the eggs and early stages of twospotted spider mite. It can be used as a preventative measure for spider mites.

Mite-A™ can use pollen as a food source which helps it survive under low prey conditions. Capsicums and other crops provide a ready pollen source, but if pollen is too plentiful, this can reduce the effectiveness this predator.

Mite-A™ is not considered harmful to humans and animals, and no environmental impacts are expected.

Mite-A™ can sometimes cause compatibility issues with Mite-E™ spider mite control, however this is generally only the case when Mite-A™ populations are very high.

Hyper-Mite™ is a small pale brown, highly mobile mite with a lot of energy! Adult mites are 0.5-1.0 mm long and are commonly found in the top few centimetres of soil or compost.

Females lay their eggs near the soil surface, and these hatch into six-legged larvae. There are two further nymph stages and a life cycle can be completed in 10 days at 25 °C, but can vary from 7-30 days depending on temperature.

Below 12 °C, Hyper-Mite™ becomes inactive, and development stops when temperatures fall below 8 °C. The species does not hibernate (diapause) and is able to survive for 6-8 weeks without prey by feeding on decaying organic matter.

Hyper-Mite™ uses its saw-like mouth parts to puncture and slice prey tissue which is then sucked up leaving a shrivelled prey body. They prefer feeding on younger fungus gnat larvae, and adults can consume 1-5 prey per day. Both adult and immature Hyper-Mite™ are predatory.

Hyper-Mite™ is also a predator of thrips pupae in the soil

Release Rates

  • Sufficient to treat 50-100 m2 of growing area

Please seek the assistance of a crop scout or phone or email us directly for guidance. The advice above is indicative only, and more specific advice may be beneficial.


  • Sprinkle carefully on to the leaves
  • Because thrips breed very quickly, while Orius doesn't, it is recommended that Orius is released at the first sign of thrips damage in a preventative manner, allowing Orius to establish and breed on the crop prior to thrips build up.
  • Orius is best suited to crops that are producing pollen as an alternative food source, and will establish more readily. Repeat applications of Orius may be necessary to establish them on crops without available pollen.  
  • Orius is best suited to temperatures between 20°C and 30°C, and sustained temperatures over 30°C may reduce the effectiveness of this predator.


  • Sprinkle carefully on to the leaves
  • High value or susceptible crops benefit from weekly or fortnightly applications 
    • A repeat application 2 weeks later is recommended to ensure establishment
  • Sprinkle on to the growing media, approximately 1 teaspoon per pot minimum

Release and Storage Instructions

Release the beneficial organisms on to the crop as soon as possible

For Orius:
  • Gentle rotate the tube to ensure an even mix of Orius within the buckwheat husk media
  • Remove lid and sprinkle the media on to hortizontal leaves, preferably so that it remains there, although Orius will move off the soil and on to the plant if necessary
  • Apply evenly to the infested crop. If thrips are located in hotspots, concentrate the Orius release to those areas. Leave the tube in the crop to allow any remaining Orius to leave at their own pace.
  • If necessary, store Orius in a cool, dry place at 10-15⁰C if possible, out of direct sunlight before release.

For Mite-A™

  • Do not expose to direct sunlight
  • Keep in darkness and in a cool environment – ideal temperature 10-15 ° C.
For Hyper-Mite
  • Hyper-Mite™ can be stored for a maximum of 2 days at 10-15 °C
  • Sprinkle the mixture on the soil around infested plants, or incorporate into the growing media before potting-up plants

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