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Starter Pack
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Starter Pack

Starter Pack - Get the tools to start down the biological control road, includes a copy of the Good Bug Book, and a 10x hand lens for insect/mite identification. PRICE: $45 plus GST and Freight
NZ $45.00
excl GST

Provides the tools to start using biological control effectively.

Includes the Good Bug Book (2nd Edition) and a 10x magnification hand lens for identifying the pests and predators on your plants.

The Good Bug Book Second Edition

The Good Bug Book contains information about all the biological pest control organisms that can be bought 'off the shelf' in Australia and New Zealand from members of Australasian Biological Control (ABC).

It is important to note that since the publication of this book, Bioforce has introduced new organisms to its stable.

This second edition (110 pages) contains descriptions of twelve new organisms that were not included in the first edition.

Topics covered include:

  • descriptions of each beneficial organism and its lifecycle (illustrated with colour photographs)
  • pests controlled
  • suitable crops and environments
  • how to handle and manage the parasites and predators before release, at release, and after release
  • cultural practices that promote establishment of beneficial organisms
  • compatibility of beneficial organisms with various pesticides.

A general section on integrated pest management (IPM) rounds out the book.

The Good Bug Book is a valuable resource for crop growers, agricultural and horticultural advisers and consultants, students and teachers of agriculture and horticulture, and anyone else interested in integrated pest management.

10x Magnification Loupe for Insect Identification

A small, inexpensive and compact magnifier for pest and beneficial insect/mite identification. 10x Magnification. Overall dimensions: 2.5 x 3.5 cm. Solid construction, made out of metal and glass. Comes with a lanyard, allowing you to hang the magnifier around your neck and keep your hands free while working or scouting the crop.  

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We rear and sell biological control agents, the good guys, for the control of plant pests and diseases. Bioforce advocates the sustainable management of horticultural crops.


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