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Biobees LtdBumblebees are produced in New Zealand for the pollination of both indoor and outdoor crops. Bioforce is closely aligned with Biobees Ltd, New Zealand's largest bumblebee producer, who like us, specialise in the production of beneficial arthropods!

Visit for more information on how to purchase bumblebees for the pollination of your crops, or just to find out more information, videos and pictures on these hugely beneficial insects. Everyone loves bumblebees!

Bioforce is a member of the Association of Beneficial Arthropod Producers Inc (ABC). Visit their website for additional information on beneficial arthropods.


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Radio New Zealand National Station: Our Changing World - March 14th 2013
Lincoln University ecologists release a batch of ladybirds to help control a sap-sucking insect pest of potatoes. The ladybirds, Cleobora mellyi, also known as the southern ladybird, were reared by Bioforce Limited and have been provided to Lincoln University to assist with its research and to explore possible predators of the tomato/potato psyllid (a.k.a TPP).
BioForce appearance on Seven Sharp 

BioForce appearance on Rural Delivery 

Penn State University News Blog article - 12 May 2012
Crop Diversity Decreases Pest Damage and Pesticide Use - Talking about increasing cultivar diversity to reduce pest pressure and increased reliability of crops under varied environmental conditions.

Straight Furrow - April 18th 2012 (Written by Howard Keen)
Ladybird to the Rescue - Article on the predation of Tomato-Potato Psyllids by Cleobora mellyi. Bioforce has been providing Cleobora to Lincoln University for their research into its psyllid eating capacity.

Hoticulture New Zealand Fact Sheet - 2009 (Edited by Peter E. Smith) 
Whitefly: integrated pest management in New Zealand greenhouse tomato crops - A Sustainable Farming Fund and Horticulture NZ project on the control of whiteflies using IPM. Our director John Thompson was heavily involved in this project.
Scientific Articles
Richard Pedley - 2010 - Richard's MSc work was sponsored by Fresh Tomatoes - Hort NZ and Bioforce Ltd
MSc Title: Comparative study of three Aphelinid parasitoids of Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Westwood) (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) with emphasis on Eretmocerus eremicus Rose and Zolnerowich
Powerpoint Presentations
Joop van Lenteren - 2006 - Prof. van Lenteren is an eminent biologists in the field of biological control
Title: Benefits of Biological Control