Bioforce Limited is a New Zealand owned and operated company, all prices are listed and billed in New Zealand dollars. When purchasing from the website, the name that will appear on your statement will be Bioforce Ltd Karaka.

Bioforce rears and sells biological control agents, the good guys, for the control of plant pests and diseases. At our production facilities, found in the horticultural region of Pukekohe, Bioforce produces multiple beneficial organisms, organisms that have the ability to suppress pest populations below levels that necessitate the use of chemical controls.

We strongly believe that it is in everyone’s interest to reduce the quantity of chemical pesticides applied to horticultural crops; be that to reduce the production costs of the grower, to improve the health and working environment of horticultural workers, protect the natural environment, and to provide the consumer with the freshest, tastiest and healthiest produce and ornamental plants possible.

Bioforce advocates for the sustainable management of horticultural crops. We understand that growers want to produce crops in a sustainable manner, but that they cannot do this (and continue to feed their own families) if there are no sustainable options available to them. It is vital that growers have the means to control the pests and diseases that can potentially devastate their crops.

We endeavour to provide growers with the tools necessary to achieve the sustainable production of horticultural crops.

Good bugs for bad bugs!