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TRI-D25 - Leaf & Soil Inoculant
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TRI-D25 - Leaf & Soil Inoculant

TRI-D25 contains naturally occurring saprophytic soil fungus used as a seed inoculant for pre-plant root and / or soil treatment for plug or bare-root transplants. PRICE: $139.80 per kilo plus GST and Freight
NZ $153.10
Special order
(Trichoderma koningii and Trichoderma harzianum) in a powdered formula.

TRI-D25 and other microbial products increase the diversity of the growing media and root zone, which can assist with maintaining a stable root environment.

Product Information 

Total spore count is 5 x 107 active spores per gram of product
TRI-D25 contains improved strains of Trichoderma koningii and Trichoderma harzianum. It is a totally dispersible wettable powder designed to increase the beneficial microbial activities in the rhizosphere which in turn promotes root and plant growth.

In fumigated soils or soils with low levels of biological activity, TRI-D25 is extremely beneficial in creating a rhizosphere which is dominated by beneficial fungal microorganisms.
The strains of Trichoderma present in TRI-D25 are totally safe to humans, animals and plants. These strains have root competence and some fungicidal resistance, however, please contact Bioforce before using any pesticides to check compatibility with Trichoderma
TRI-D25 lives, multiplies, and will increase beneficial microbial populations around root zones, and can be applied to cuttings, seeds, transplants, bulbs, grafts, compost, pots, and established crops.
TRI-D25 may also effectively be used as a foliar spray for plants and crops.

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