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nemaplus® for Fungus Gnat & Thrips Control
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nemaplus® for Fungus Gnat & Thrips Control

nemaplus® contains beneficial nematodes for controlling fungus gnats and thrips pupae in the soil or media. Can also be sprayed on to leaves, flowers and fruit to control thrips. Price: $45 per 50 million nematodes plus GST and Freight
NZ $45.00

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nemaplus® is useful in nurseries, greenhouse vegetable and ornamental crops, including bulbs, as part of an integrated pest management programme.

nemaplus® contains infective juveniles of a parasitic threadworm that preys upon a large variety of insect prey, especially scirarid flies (fungus gnats), shore flies, root aphids and thrips pupae. 100% safe to humans and pets!

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Same week delivery is not guaranteed as products are subject to availability. If unsure, please contact Bioforce directly, although be assured that we always aim to deliver as promptly as possible.

Products will only be sent on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and will not be sent on public holidays. Orders placed after 1pm on Wednesday will likely be sent the following week.  Please contact Bioforce directly by phone if immediate delivery is required, and we will endeavour to accommodate you.  As these products are live organisms, it is important that they arrive quickly to their destination, and we do not send when it is possible they will be in transit over a weekend. Next day delivery is not guaranteed and customers should follow up with CourierPost using the tracking information provided on dispatch.

Bioforce will contact the purchaser advising you of the intended sending date, but only if products will not be shipped within the week of purchase. Please do not purchase the product online if you are unsure, however if the product has been purchased and you are unhappy with the delivery date, we will happily refund you the full amount. Please contact us immediately to complete this, as there will be no refunds once the goods have been sent.

Product Information

nemaplus® contains "infective juveniles", the hunting stage of the nematodes life.

The infective juveniles of nemaplus® actively seek out suitable prey. Once found, they crawl inside the body of their prey through breathing spiracles or other orifices, release a beneficial bacteria to break the pests internal organs down and feeds on the bacterial slurry. The nematodes then breed in the cadaver, which eventually breaks apart releasing more nematodes into the growing media.

Environmental Conditions

The nematodes are most infective when the growing media temperature are between 10 to 25°C. The efficiency of the nematodes may decrease at higher or lower temperatures. 

The growing media should be moist but not wet. Nematodes cannot swim and are unable to move in water-saturated media. 

Release rate

Soil Application (Fungus Gnats and Thrips Pupae)
  • 50 million nematodes treats 100 m2 of soil/media
  • Or 10,000 nematodes per litre of potting mix
  • Or 15,000 nematodes per litre of substrates containing a high composted green waste or perlite content

A single application of nemaplus protects crops for approximately 6 weeks. For heavy sciarid fly infestations, repeat treatment after 10-14 days.

The media should be moist but not sodden. Nematodes cannot swim and cannot move effectively in water-saturated potting mix. 

Foliar Application (Thrips)
  • 250,000 nematodes per m²
    • ​Spray to run-off
    • 1000 litres per hectare

Please seek the assistance of a crop scout or phone or email us directly for guidance. The advice above is indicative only, and more specific advice may be beneficial.

The nematodes are infective when the media temperature ranges from 10 to 25°C. At higher and lower temperatures, nematode efficacy decreases. 


PRICE: $45.00 per 50 million nematodes plus GST and Freight


nemaplus® is packaged in a a non-permeable plastic bag to retain moisture. This is further boxed into a folded cardboard outer with instructions for use.

Release and Storage Instructions

  • nemaplus® should be used as soon as possible upon delivery.
  • The package may be stored for several weeks at 4 to 10°C (see best before date on package).
  • DO NOT FREEZE or exposed to more than 30°C.
  • Nematodes can be applied with watering cans or through more commercial methods
  • Normal spraying equipment can be used as well as drip-irrigation or a dosatron
  • If possible skip irrigation once before the treatment to avoid compost to becoming too wet. 

A list of compatible pesticides and withholding periods can be found in the publication ‘The Good Bug Book’ Second Edition (2002), Editor Richard Llewellyn.

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