Beneficial Invertebrates

Tamarixia for Tomato Potato Psyllid Control

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Tamarixia is a small, 100% safe parasitic wasp that specialises in parasitising the Tomato Potato Psyllid (Bactericera cockerelli) or TPP. PRICE: $30.00 per 100 adults (minimum order) plus GST and Freight.

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Beneficial Invertebrates

Tamarixia triozae - Tomato Potato Psyllid parasitoidAphidius.pdf
Photos courtesy of Plant and Food Research Mt Albert

These wasps are 100% safe, they cannot sting.
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Tamarixia is known to be useful in indoor and outdoor crops such as, capsicum, potato, tomato and eggplants as part of an integrated pest management programme.

Tamarixia is dispatched as live adults packed in a vial, and sent by courier (targeted overnight delivery, allow one extra day for rural deliveries).
  • 0.5 Tamarixia adults per m2 as a PREVENTATIVE measure, preferably fortnightly before psyllids are found in the crop
  • 1 Tamarixia adult per m2 as a light to moderate CURATIVE measure, over several weeks as psyllids are found in the crop
  • 10 Tamarixia adults per m2 as a heavy CURATIVE measure, over several weeks as psyllids are found in the crop
Heavier infestations of psyllids can benefit from the simultaneous release of Mite A, or may require initial chemical intervention (contact Bioforce to discuss).

Because psyllids breed very quickly, it is recommended that Tamarixia is released at the first sign of psyllid appearance.
Tamarixia needs the following handling and treatment:
  • On arrival, release Tamarixia wasps between leaves in the morning or the evening
  • Do not expose Tamarixia to direct sunlight
  • Store in a call place if need be, in the dark, for up to 2 days after reception.
  • Open the vial only once you are in the area in which Tamarixia are to be released
Tamarixia will start parasitising psyllid nymphs immediately on release, although you will not be able to confirm this until the parasitised psyllid starts turning golden after 7 days (at 26°C) or longer if the average temperature is lower.

Before introducing Tamarixia into your crop please check residual chemical affects and ensure you know chemical compatibilities of products that may be applied.


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