Beneficial Microbes old

Increasing the microbial diversity of your crop can go a long way towards improving plant health and vigour. Inoculations of the growing media or leaves with beneficial fungi and bacteria can help reduce the incidence and severity of disease through competition for resources and space. Many of these beneficial microbes can cause significant growth promotion within the crop too. Unlike chemicals, these beneficial life forms have no maximum residue limits or withholding periods, and afford growers greater flexibility in their crop management. 

Bioforce has several beneficial microbes available for use as drenches to the growing media, or as foliar sprays. Please do not hesitate to contact Bioforce for more information regarding these or any of our other products. Bioforce advocates increasing the biodiversity in the growing area, and the use of beneficial organisms to provide a biological buffer to your crop.

Sentinel       - Bio-fungicide for Botrytis control
Unite            - Bio-fungicide for Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia and Cylindrocarpon spp 

Superzyme  - Biological soil inoculant
Fulzyme       - Biological leaf and soil inoculant
TRI-D25       - Biological leaf and soil inoculant

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