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Superzyme mini - Soil Inoculant
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Superzyme mini - Soil Inoculant

Superzyme mini is a biological soil and foliar inoculum containing both beneficial bacteria and fungi.
NZ $20.00
Bacillus subtilis, Pseudomonas putida, Trichoderma koningii & Trichoderma harzianum in a powdered formula.

Superzyme and other microbial products increase the diversity of the growing media and root zone, which can assist with maintaining a stable root environment.

Product Information
Total spore count is 2 x 109 active spores per gram of productSuperzyme label

Superzyme is a biological soil & foliar inoculum containing both beneficial bacteria and fungi. Pseudomonas putida is effective in anaerobic conditions whilst the other organisms multiply under aerobic conditions.
Superzyme is a natural growth factor produced by a unique fermentation process. It contains a group of beneficial microorganisms and selected enzyme complexes specifically designed to promote plant growth. Adding Superzyme to the soil or inoculating plant roots will help stimulate growth, plant vigor, reduce the risk of disease and provide beneficial microbes to the root zone.
Crop Application Rate Application Time

Transplanting Dip, Cuttings, Bulbs & Potting Mixes

1 - 2 g / 1 L water

At time of planting

Vegetable Crops

1 g / 10 m2

At time of planting, repeat application after 3-4 weeks

Greenhouse Crops

1 g / 4 m2

Repeat application every month

Apples, Kiwifruit, Grape, Pome & Stone Fruit

1 g / 10 m2

Apply in Spring and Autumn or as required

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